Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cash and "Carol"

Well, it's official: The vast left-wing media conspiracy now extends to your local theater's box office.

The conservative-themed satire An American Carol opened nationwide last Friday, and according to industry box office reports earned $3.6 million from its 1,600+ screens. But that couldn't possibly be accurate? Could it?

The official website for the film -- on a page subtly titled "fraud" -- suggests that the official box office numbers have been skewed by people who bought American Carol tickets being given tickets TO OTHER MOVIES ENTIRELY. Maybe even that Bill Maher movie!

The site even scare-quotes "mistakenly" to make it clear exactly what they think about the likelihood that their anecdotal reports are in fact the result of a "mistake." Maybe it's even a mistake like the grammatical delight, "There has been some isolated incidents." (Scott Renshaw)

UPDATE 5 p.m. Tuesday: Looks like the page has been removed from the site. Conspiracy?

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  1. Scare tactics all some understand. The terrorists is going to burn your house down, do what I say! The 'gays' are going to eat your children, do what I say! The liberals are going to make fine entertainment like American Carol under-perform financially, grab a pitchfork!


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