Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Those Who Missed It ...

[Political Entertainment] A character called "the crazy McCain-rally lady" was featured on SNL (ThNL?) "Weekend Update" tonight. For those who missed, it, here is a brief clip featuring Gayle Quinnell, the McCain campaign volunteer upon whom the character was based:

And, here's the spot-on "Weekend Update" lampoon:

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like NBC had the clip taken off YouTube; you are free, however, to navigate to NBC's labyrinthine Website, poke around for the SNL clip, watch a 30 second ad for Crackberry or Dove soap, and then be presented with the entire half-hour episode broken up into three 10-minute "chapters." I believe the correct one is the middle chapter. Good luck, readers. And thank you, NBC.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. The video's gone.

  2. Try Hulu.

    Much better quality, far fewer ads, you can watch clips or the entire episode. Here's a link to the one you're talking about:


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