Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain-Palin in Search of a Verb

[Campaign 2008] John McCain and Sarah Palin were slogging along the campaign trail again today, after some weekend polls showed the Republican team trailing Barack Obama by as many as 11 percentage points.

And as he's done for more than a month, McCain was desperately trying to find himself an image and stick with it. Apparently, McCain campaign consultants (some of whom are the same scumbags who engineered "swiftboating" against John Kerry in 2004) have urged their boss to lay off the effort to link Obama with William Ayers and to stop for now in painting the candidate as a terrorist.

Because it's the economy, stupid (Thanks Bill Clinton!).

First, McCain tried to paint himself as the "change" candidate. Though that sounded um, vaguely familiar. He's still a maverick, apparently. But along with Palin, today he became a maverick with a softer, gentler touch. At their campaign stops this morning, neither of them mentioned Obama by name once.

Still, McCain is badly in need of the right verb. Suddenly, he's ready to fight. He's down, (I know, I know. "Down" is a preposition) but he's not out.

Dear John: Find a verb wouldja, and stick with it. (Holly Mullen)


  1. McCain maybe can search for a verb to say but will eventually forget it. Palin's hopeless.

  2. I think they're going to go with "Maverilicious" the rest of the way.


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