Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zack & Miri: Porntastic!

[Film] Lost in the semi-uproar over Larry Miller's Megaplex Theaters opting to not carry Zack & Miri Make a Porno this weekend: Someone's actually paying attention on the job!

Back in 2006, despite months of industry buzz and pre-notoriety for the cowboys-in-love flick Brokeback Mountain, the Megaplex just let that sucker in and then pulled it ... heh, heh. If you're, say, working in some sector of the film industry, even at a Utah theater chain, shouldn't you be aware of what's going on in the damn film industry at the moment? Just sayin.'

Megaplex Theaters: Punching the clock and looking out for you ... finally. (Bill Frost)


  1. Not to mention, they don't want to get caught doing what they did to the last Kevin Smith film. If you check records, "Clerks 2" was approved for viewing at both of Miller's theaters, and was advertised on the Moviefone website. But they didn't promote it anywhere in the theater, you had to know about it before you came so you knew what time to ask for. And they hid it in a single theater, with the guise that "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" was playing in that theater. I don't think MGM liked that.

    ...I should also point out that for some reason they kicked out both "Brokeback" and "Transamerica", but for some reason kept the film "She's The Man". ...Only Larry knows why?

  2. I've haven't spent a dime in any of his theaters in years. Anybody else want to join in the commitment to vote for freedom of expression with our dollars?

    Between Broadway, Regency, 33rd and State, and the Drive-In on Redwood, we have plenty of options and we don't *have* to go to his theaters.

  3. I may be naive, but I can't imagine Larry Miller owned theaters are the only ones making the decision to not show certain films. He is a single entity that is sensationalistic and makes good headline.
    No different than the broadway, regency, or any other theater not showing LDS cinema offerings (and thank god for that!) The brokeback mountain pull was bad, this one is slow news at best.

  4. Clif, hate to tell you this, but it's been checked out by Smith's own fans. Utah is the only state in the nation not showing the film, and Miller's theaters are the only ones on that short list. But if you don't believe the "biased media reporting" that our local papers and TV stations did, go search for some of the southern conservative papers that printed the very same story and applauded them for kicking it out.

    And don't worry, I'm sure the Megaplex will have 5 theaters in every building all lined up for soon to be classics like "The RM 2", "The Singles 3rd Ward", and of course the highly anticipated "Lutherans At Our Luau."


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