Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food Fright!

[Scary/Delicious] No more JELL-O and Gummi worms for Fright Night says Alpine Country Club Executive Chef Emanuel Vidolin. He's got something a skosh scarier in mind. Along with the usual prime rib, shrimp, and Kobe beef, he's going to challenge Alpine CC members on Halloween with buffet items that some Utah County denizens might consider truly terrifying.

The menacing menu includes Michael Myers' Tongue (AKA braised beef tongue a la vinagreta); duck livers with Chianti-dried cherries called Hannibal Lecter Liver and Chianti; and Calypso Crocodile Tail Sliders. Got thymus? The horrifying Halloween dinner at ACC also includes Frankenstein Brains: seared sweetbreads in a blood orange sauce. It all sounds so tasty it's spooky! (Ted Scheffler)


  1. I bet the only thing spooky about that menu is the price.

  2. Good point. That could be scary.

  3. I was there that night!A friend of mine is a member and invited me.The food was great especially the American kobe beef and the prime rib, and I have to say the beef tongue wasn't bad at all!
    The price was a bit scary but for $25 I had some of the best food I ever had in Utah County.


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