Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin and the Mormon Question

[Election 2008] Usually when somebody comes up to me and says 'you know what you guys need to do a story on...' I kinda wince, bracing myself for the 25 percent chance that they're one of the people who think we need to do a story on their cats or why the service at the bank isn't that great anymore-- but today a gentleman offered me an intriguing question.

"Why hasn't the local media around here asked Governor Palin if she believes Mormons are Christians?" he asked.

And I thought, shoot that's a good question.

Indeed a look at Palin's background with the Evangelical Assembly of God, would put her in that camp (though it is a large and diverse camp to be fair) that includes the likes of 'ol Mike Huckabee that raised the whole stink over Romney's faith back in the primaries.

An intriguing question and the short answer is: I don't think we've thought of it before. The long answer is: I doubt Palin would touch that question with a ten foot pole. While Zion is still upset over having our man Romney's veepness being snubbed by the Republican Party, this state is still as red as they get, which means we're still a golden goose for GOP fundraising. And the party is not going to let anything jeopardize that flow of Mo' Money this close to election day. But, hell, if I ever get within shouting distance of Palin I'll see what I can find. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. Palin4ReliefSocietyVPOctober 15, 2008 at 8:47 AM

    Really is Palin's church calling Mormons a non-christian cult any different than Mormons saying her church is in apostasy and false? It is all hypocritical, just a different point of view.
    See, she IS just like them!

  2. It's funny how when she first burst onto the scene, there were lots of letters in the papers gushing about her, "She's just like us!" Now, not so much. I wonder if any of the members of the LPR (locally predominant religion) are starting to think the same thing, that hey, Palin and her religious ilk are exactly the same kind of people who yell "SATAN LOVER!!!" at the people trying to cross the street to get to the SuperNacle for Mormodan, also known as Conference. Besides the fact that these same people like Palin, again, are the very ones who nixed Romney (R-Favorite Son) as the VP pick. Can you imagine how much better off McSame would be right now if he had Romney, perfect hair and all, on the teevee intoning about the economic crisis, instead of Palin leading KKK rallies? I for one am glad he didn't pick the Mittster, but I'll bet a lot of Euta-wans are wistfully thinking what might have been...


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