Sunday, October 12, 2008

David Byrne: Live Review

[Music] "When an angel fucks a whore," Park City goes wild. At least, when David Byrne is delivering the news in his distinct, persuasive voice. The former Talking Heads frontman greeted his Utah audience Saturday night with a head-to-toe white uniform to complement his shock of white hair.

Accompanied by three backup singers, two percussionists, a bassist, keyboardist and three interpretive dancers, Byrne soared through a seamless set of material culled from his work with Brian Eno, both 27 years ago with My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and the 2008 (now) digital-only release Eveything That Happens Will Happen Today (physical copies will be shipped to stores later this year).

Byrne stepped onstage following a lengthy introduction by the evening’s organizer who preached to the choir, encouraging the sold-out crowd dominated by liberal baby boomers to vote for the maverick—in Utah, that is. Which is to say, Obama.

The concert, held in the Eccles Center—which doubles as Park City High School’s auditorium—at first received a rather modest response from audience members who are apparently accustomed to behaving themselves. After two or three songs most of them realized who they’d come to see—a man who has never played by the rules and continues to march however he pleases to the most unexpected beats of his own drum.

And so bodies began popping in and out of seats, at first resulting in the occasional hushed “sit down!” until the whole room stood to salute Byrne and Co with wild, varying interpretations of dancing.

Onstage dancers, who could have proved distracting, fell in lockstep with Byrne’s quirky aesthetic and infused added spunk to the already festive evening, particularly during the brilliant, slightly unnerving “I Feel My Stuff.”

Byrne wrapped up the night with material from Talking Heads’ heyday, including “Once In A Lifetime,” “Take Me To The River” and “Heaven.” He closed out the night—three encores later!! Way to step up and surprise a touring band with your unexpected enthusiasm Park City!—with the predictable, but always pleasurable, “Burning Down The House.”

“Some things sure can sweep me off my feet.”


Here's a clip of "I Feel My Stuff" live at Austin City Limits. Pretty much a carbon copy of last night

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. But the real question is which version of Burning did he do? The running-in-place extravaganza, or the looking-bored-standing-in-place one.

  2. More along the running-in-place extravaganza. The night was high energy all the way

  3. Just Some Maverick MalchickOctober 13, 2008 at 1:16 PM

    You got the name of the track wrong; it is, in fact:

    Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

    Great stuff...this blog is pretty lame though, donchyathink??

    Milquetoast anyone?

  4. Oops. Keystroke error. Thanks for the correction. Yeah, I'm sooo lame. You got it.

  5. I was at the was brilliant. This is coming from a long time DB fan. I've seen him live three times now and i swear he gets better with age. His band is always tight and sounds great. I want to catch his show in Chicago in two weeks; it'd be worth it!


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