Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remember These Guys?

Salt Lake City's Band of Annuals is on the road. They started out strong blogging for City Weekly, but funny thing about tour: it's all about the music. Blogging? Not so much. A bunk van in the shop left them stranded in Seattle recently, so guitarist Jamie Timm took the opportunity to catch us all up. And heeeeeeeeeere's Jamie!

Six weeks into tour, stuck in Seattle for the last six days. I think it's time for a personal tour recap.
Let's see, where to start...

Ft. Worth, Texas: This night was the first time I ever regretted wearing a snap shirt. Normally the easy-to-get-in-and-out snap shirt is a bonus but on this night it made it a little too easy for groping. I'm not saying I don't enjoy getting fondled my drunk women, but it can be a little awkward.

Nacogdoches, Texas: I scored a 1966 Gibson SG Jr guitar for $150! Talked the guy down from $175. As soon as I walked in my eyes went immediately to a old looking guitar. It sure looked vintage ... how did it play? After strumming it once unplugged, I was sold. This guitar breathes! The quote of the tour is when I asked the pawn shop owner if it came with a case. It did, in his words, "a shitty case for a shitty guitar". It was appraised in NY for $1000 as is. Mint condition would have gone for over two grand.

Nashville, Tennessee: Aside from sleeping in the van and a run in with a stalker, it was all good! Oh yeah, I also met ROBERT PLANT!!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina: I was born in North Carolina and had only been back once since. The show was at a cool venue named The Cave. It looked like a cave ... I love caves.

Washington, DC: Crashed in an old school building and was abruptly awakened by an elderly gentleman in a suit ripping my sleeping bag off me, screaming, "Who are you?? What are you doing here??". My answer: "I'm in a band."

New York City: It was time for a change; time to get a haircut. Found an inexpensive salon in Manhattan, paid forty bucks and wha-lah, new Jamie! On the way out I found six-dollar imitation Ray Ban sunglasses. Lookin' good. I took the subway around to music row and perused the guitar stores. 30th Street Guitars was my favorite. Check them out. Oh yeah, I also acquired a cold and blisters on my feet. The blisters have left, the cold hasn't.

Winchester, Virginia: Showered and did laundry at Brent's brothers house. I'm not implying it was my first shower, I'm just saying...

Grinnell, Iowa: We had a last minute show at the university coffee shop. This college of 1500 people treated us well. Met some new friends and slept in the dorm lounge. Got kicked out of said lounge by a security woman in the morning. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" My answer: "I'm in a band."

Lawrence, Kansas: Broke up a fight between two frat dudes fighting over "some slut". Kirk and Trever had my back.

Denver, Colorado: Rocked out with Band of Annuals and Casey James Prestwood. My surrogate Denver mother, Connie, made me a sack lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate milk. Thanks Connie. Casey was kind enough to let me borrow his Dr. Z Maz 38 amp. Playing this amp is like heaven ... Thank you Casey!

Pocatello, Idaho: On the way to the show we drove through Ogden, it was surreal being so close to home. I was still sick.

Seattle, Washington: Galactigone [BOA's van] got a cold too. He needs two new cylinders. Ouch, poor van. It is never fun being broken down but if we had to break down somewhere, Seattle is as good as any where. Our amazing friends Tyson and Jamie have been so kind and understanding about having seven extra people invade their apartment. I cannot think of a way to thank them enough. Our show at The Tractor Tavern with Minus 5 was great. Hanging out with Peter Buck was really cool. Scott McCoughy told me after our set that I was "a ridiculous guitar player". That made me feel real good. Our friends The Devil Whale and Matt Hopper came into town yesterday and we are going to their show tonight. I love those dudes.

That has been six weeks of tour for me. Wish us luck on getting our van fixed and finishing up the last week. We need it. And don't forget our homecoming show on November 1 at Urban Lounge with the Devil Whale. I'll be playing my new guitar and new amp, yippee!

JT, signing off.


  1. I'm willing to say it--Jamie Timm is one hot beefy slab! OK, I said it.

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