Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kopykat Korner

[Media Competition] Three days before this morning's edition of The Salt Lake Tribune, there was City Weekly.

We published this story on October 1.

They published this story on October 4.

As City Weekly intern Joseph Bateman points out in his piece, there are afficionodos of electric car and other alternative energy-fueled vehicles all over the state of Utah. It's practically become an industry for weekend mechanics and alternative energy geeks. So why would the Trib pick the same main subject, with essentially the same photos, to profile as CW did?

I mean, we're flattered over here on our little slice of Main Street. But usually the mainstream media tries to change up their derivative stories just a smidgen. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Perhaps they missed Shurtleff's CW "diss" in the Gov debate...

  2. It could be, Holly, that the Trib had this story finished before you did, and it was held because of need to present breaking daily news that City Weekly, because of its weekly format, does not cover, such as bailouts, tanking economy, VP debates, etc., that commanded a lot of attention, day after day. Then, when things eased up a bit, they could have figured they had room to give the solar story the play it deserved.

    Once again, you're showing your insecurity by having to second guess what the big guys are doing and why and show how cool you are when you manage to print something first. I really doubt they got the idea from reading your intern's story. Get over yourself.

  3. Who is this anonymous Trib employee? I think I've heard from this person before.

    City Weekly is, natch, a weekly--so opportunities to scoop the dailies are rare. Still, we do manage it from time to time--so, on those occasions, why shouldn't we engage in a good-natured crow?

    I remember blogging about a crow-worthy Ted McDonough scoop a year or so ago, and, man! I got taken to task by a know-it-all scold who accused me of being amateurish and unprofessional, and attributed to me every evil motive from jealousy to vindictiveness.

    Try to relax, anonymous person. We've been around the block, and we actually know how things work at the dailies. You're all doing a fine job cranking out reports on the bailouts, tanking economy, VP debates, etc., which command so much attention. Just thinking about it makes me count my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to escape that fate.

    (And, for that matter, if this year you once again bow before corporate pressure, grit your teeth and agree against your own best judgment to publish a bald-faced endorsement of the McCain-Palin ticket, I don't see how you'll be able to face a mirror or sleep nights.)

    As for us, we will have our moments of glory from time to time, and we will crow about them. Don't take it personally. There's no need to get all hypersensitive over it. We're just having loads of fun over here.

    How much fun have you been having lately?

  4. Don't forget, no one at the trib is writing stories about bailouts, the economy or the debates. Maybe they are confusing taking stories off the ap and formatting them as 'writing' them.

  5. Ah come on guys, leave the Trib alone. Now that the Mo's have announced a Rome Temple they will be gushing for 4 days.

    Wonder how the folks in that beautiful city like the idea of pre-fab blandness near Vatican City?

  6. You know, if it weren't for the "anonymous" folks who have nothing better to do than make disparaging posts, the rest of us wouldn't be able to have any fun jeering at them.

  7. Let's fight about who scooped who on an earth shattering story about electric car gearheads. CW deemed it so substantial they let an intern pick up the story. BTW, kudos to the intern on a very interesting and well written story. Don't let all this negativity surrounding your story detract from your effort.

    CW I love ya, but when i read this i see the image of a little dog yipping at a big one.

    Also in my book, CW is mainstream nowadays. I can't imagine the Salt Lake news scene without it.


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