Thursday, October 23, 2008

CMJ Night Two: Kid Theodore

[Local Music] At the risk of sounding like a certain vice-presidential hopeful, I just couldn't help feeling so gosh-darned full of pride watching Salt Lake's own Kid Theodore last night. In a city whose demeanor reflects the weather (and the temperature is dropping fast!), it's certainly nice to see some friendly faces. It's even nicer to see them put on such an energetic and effortless show.

I arrived at the beginning of Philadelphia-based band An American Chinese. Decked out in warrior makeup, headbands and miniature deer antlers, the band could’ve passed around a peace-pipe and called it a day. Instead they played some toe-tapping, energetic… er, I dunno. They could’ve played anything and I still would’ve liked them: Three adorable girls fronted the band, all wearing Native American garb. I mean, I hate to judge my appreciation for a band based on the attractiveness of the members, but I think I’ve developed a new fetish.

I’m actually ashamed to say that during all my time in SLC, I never saw Kid Theodore live. I’ve interviewed them for CW, and their LP, Hello Rainey was one of my favorite releases of 2007. Seeing them at Alphabet Lounge in Manhattan’s Alphabet Lounge only confirmed my shame: the boys were tight. The cramped stage/bar gave the band the energy to play a nothing-to-lose set that included favorites from Goodnight, Goodnight and Hello Rainey. The band definitely excelled when all three talented vocalists worked together, providing some stirring round-robin/call and response moments that shook the tiny bar. Despite being so far away from home, the band managed to bring along a formidable following; bassist/singer Ryan Darton thanked “the entire Alta High School for showing up”; the support fueled the already-energetic performance. CW Marketing Director Annie Quan was also there, making the night feel like it belonged to SLC.

Props to bassist/singer Darton who sang in Spanish AND scat during the closing song “Fashion-able.” Non-props to guitarist/vocalist Cole Barnson for being a good-looking, talented musician and stealing any slight chance that I would’ve had to speak to antler-girl. (Ryan "you can call me Brian" Bradford)


  1. I saw these gents back in April at a gig at the Celsius Lounge in Park City playing that night along with a couple of different bands I am friends with. They part on an incredible show. And I can only see them getting better with age and time.

  2. I have been following Kid Theodore since last January. While watching their shows, I find myself totally fixated on the drummer, then I start focusing on looking at each member one by one and becoming totally amazed at how there really is no front man, they all contribute with an amazing energy that makes them look like they have already hit the big time!


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