Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deep-Fried Mitt

[Election 2016] Man, all this news talk about Mitt for President in four years is just sad. I used to delight in saying Mitt didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected president, but now whenever I do, I just feel like I'm telling a four-year-old that Santa doesn't exist.

The DNews pumped out this story about how Romney may be gunning for a 2012 run although he's just too busy being a party cheerleader right now. And you know what, he probably will run, but even with the exposure he's had in the recent primaries, he's still gotta alot of vote proselytizing to do. So Elder Romney if you really want to be called to the white house, it's time you made your next mission a little ol' place called the south.

Mitt has been raising some dough and spreading it around to various initiatives and candidates through his Free and Strong America PAC, but if he's serious about making another run at this thing he's gonna have to be knocking on doors and dropping some serious cash in the Bible belt-- for years. And here's the kicker, even considering that, I hate to break it to you friends, but he still ain't gotta shot for 2012.

2016...maybe. But by that time it may just be the case that Romney's years long campaign of convincing Southerners that Mormons don't have horns will be exploited by another rising star in the Mormon GOP crowd. One with business savvy, a (sometimes) progressive outlook on the environment and foreign relations experience. How is it that you say 'Huntsman for President 2016' in Mandarin anyways? (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. No Mormon will ever be president. The GOP doesn't like Mormons. Too bad the Mormons don't know that.

  2. Romney may try again??? Yawn. Dnews should try this article in about 3 years. Romney was stumping for the GOP for a position now, not a run four years from now. And the religion angle has been played to death... Come on Eric... just say he buys his own clothes and could have brought Michigan to the table... much more interesting.

  3. The Mormons demand to have their theology recognized as "Christian" and in the next breath they say they are "Gods only true church, thus denying the godliness of the same people.

    The Mormons demand respect but they refuse to GIVE repect to all of those "wrong religions".

    If Mormons ever want to be treated like co equals, they need to remove the D&C scripture that says, "all other religions are false and are an abomination before god".

    This is going to be a big stumbling block when trying to court other christians for their vote.

  4. Huntsman wei` zong tong nian er shi` shi liu

    just fyi


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