Friday, October 10, 2008

Dumbasses for McCain

[Politics] Since the '80s, Republicans have stood on a platform of anti-intellectualism, taking the position that being smart makes you an "elitist." Being dumb makes you "mavericky." We are now witnessing the natural result of decades of an anti-intelligence, pro-idiocy policy: McCain's support now seems to come primarily from morons.

They must be very proud.

I especially like the woman who keeps poking her head into the shot before realizing that what she has to say isn't quite as galvanizing as it sounded in her head.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. I am so embarrassed to share a country with these morons and have no trouble understanding why the world hates us. Hell, I'm American and I hate us.

    I wish somebody would do that sort of video around here - bet the Utahn sheep wouldn't fare any better than the ones in Ohio.

  2. You are all a bunch of asses aren't you? Seriously- I don't like a position so I will argue that anyone that has that position is a moron. Great logic. Way to step up the political conversation. I've got news for you...your post proves that there are asses and morons on both sides.

  3. Um ... positions, anonymous? Can you name a position of McCain's that hasn't changed as the political winds blow? Hell, can you even name a position?

    Obama has published extensive policy positions and has transition teams geared up to hit the ground running in January. McCain's campaign can't even see past November.

    Yeah, anonymous. Let McCain and Obama debate "positions." It's obvious which side will win that fight--which is why the McCain campaign must rely solely on smear tactics and lies.

  4. Anonymous #2:

    After reviewing the events of the past eight years and reviewing McSame's so-called political positions, I can only assume that people voting for McSame are, in actuality, stupid. Whether by choice, upbringing or birth, you guys are just stupid.

    You have no business utilizing the word "logic" in your post as, proven by your defense of the McSame camp, you are obviously lacking in that arena.

    Kill yourself.


    Anonymous #1

  5. O my Dog. Tell me this isn't what America has come to! This is the same kind of back woods ignorance I grew up with in South Mississippi, but those people had an excuse. They didn't have the Internet. They had very little education, and most of their time was spent just trying to live. These people are an insult to the human race. If anyone wants to know what a terrorists looks like, just watch the video. Disgusting.Go ahead, vote of r people that want to keep you stupid, stupid.

  6. I wonder if these were the same people that voted for Bush and Chaney ? There were morons who were going around saying how great Bush was and Kerry was so bad because he didn't talk about god. Now look at what has happened since. These people probably still say he's great. Even after the facts. You know alot of criminals get faith being put in prison ,but it doesn't mean they're really religious.These people are just followers. Sheep, as you would say. They were also shouting communist and european socialist ,our capitalistic systems takes advantage of the poor,the down trodden,the under dog. A dog eat dog society.
    These people must like paying more taxes than the rich,paying to much for health care,over paying for medicine,etc.

  7. I don't see how anon 2 has taken a side. It doesn't come off as pro McCain as the rest of the commentor's have made it to be. It reads more of someone who is sick of a political dialog that amounts to the lowest common denominator.

    The poster's argument is valid. Yes, McCain's camp is saying and projecting moot points- but wouldn't this post be equally moot? Not to mention it does not raise the bar of the conversation- which those of us who support Obama are so tired of being the case.

    All sides like to think they are the smartest, most elite and most enlightened. And that is a very harmful position to take. It discredits the voices of opposition- is that really what this 2 party system wants? And in a way- yes- so that makes the democrats just as bad as the republicans- and I am embarrassed that other democrats have fallen in that same hole. Or rather sunken down to the lowest common denominator.


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