Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lawn Sign Skulduggery

[Civil Discourse] Somebody has been tearing up, vandalizing and stealing the Obama-Biden campaign signs on our street, and the signs' owners diligently keep replacing them. It's all part of the time-honored American political process. So far, I don't think there have been any dangerous confrontations, but that could all change in a moment, so we're kind of on eggshells.

As an example of the powderkeg which is America these days, here's a little drama that played out recently somewhere along Route 30: An activist with a paintbrush, a camera and a wheelchair--understandably proud of the large, handmade Obama banner he has just posted alongside the highway--goes to retrieve his camcorder. Upon his return, he catches a woman red-handed in the process of tearing the banner down because, she says, Obama refuses to "salute the flag." An altercation ensues, police are summoned and the woman attempts to escape in her car, but is apprehended a short distance away.

(Warning: There's plenty of profanity and abuse on both sides, but if you can use headphones and/or suspend any delicate sensibilities for the moment, it's pretty hilarious. And kind of sad, but mostly hilarious. There is never any threat of violence.)

It's a five-parter (all the parts are linked on YouTube):

Part I (The confrontation / 47 seconds):

Part II (The escalation / 35 seconds):

Part III (The escape / 44 seconds):

Part IV (The capture / 10 seconds):

Part V (The aftermath / 1 minute 5 seconds):

(Brandon Burt)

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  1. That was hilarious. And sad, like you said. What a gross, sign-killing cow.

    You'll find repuglican's ripping down Obama signs but not putting up McCorpse signs in their own yards. Notice that? There must be about six McCorpse for Pres signs in all of SLC. The repugs are too embarrassed to fly their own colors but not fair enough to allow their neighbors to express their own political opinions.

    I have to tell you, I am loving this. Watching the repuglican's suffer like this is golden. Can't wait for November 5th!


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