Sunday, October 26, 2008

Filthy Rag!

During my shift helping to man the City Weekly table at the Utah Humanities Book Festival at Library Square, a lady rolled up in a styled-out electric wheelchair and shared her opinion of our paper: "I'd look at City Weekly more often if it wasn't so FILTHY!" she said, and then smugly rolled away. I'm still not sure if she was talking about City Weekly content or ink smudges from the paper. (Ted Scheffler)


  1. There's nothing so sweet as a crippled prude rolling around espousing opinion that was neither solicited nor wanted.

    Whatever though. What else does this lady have to do?

  2. Well, Ted, she hurt your feelings, didn't she? And she didn't even stick around long enough to hear your retort! It's been bothering you all weekend, but now -- good for you -- you've found a way to get back at her.

    Hers wasn't just any old wheelchair, it was a "styled-out electric" model. That puts her in the upper-crust of wheelchair riders. Although most people sympathize with the wheelchair-bound, absolutely no one sympathizes with those who ride in fancy ones. And when she rolled away in that styled-out electric model, she did so "smugly". All the more reason for us to despise her.

    Thanks for informing us. We'll be on the lookout for her.

    P.S. Was she wearing a mink coat?

  3. Hey Robert,

    Somebody pushed your little self righteous button, huh? What's the problem? You ride one of those things too?

    I don't feel bad for anybody in a wheelchair. And I especially don't feel bad for the fat cows I see cruising around in the fancy electric chairs for no reason other than they are too fat and too lazy to use their own legs.

    What Ted did was use simple words, some of them descriptive, to convey a simple story to your imagination. This is a thing called writing.

    I would have preferred the story if Ted had described how he walked up to the woman, taped her little joystick control to the far right and then left her to her dizzying circles. Involving stairs at the end would have been funny, too, but that might just be my tastes in these matters.


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