Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Taste of Freedom

I stopped by The Paris Bistro recently for an after dinner drink and was told to "keep it legal" we'd need to order food with our wine. Our server suggested a side order of pommes frites ($5.95), otherwise known as French fries or, to jingoists and the Bush administration, Freedom fries. Well, whether Freedom or French, these fries were the bomb! The large plate of thin (about McDonald's thickness) fries were wonderfully crispy, right down to the last pomme. Not a soggy one in the bunch! They're not skin-on frites (boo hoo) but nonetheless the best restaurant fries I've tasted in eons.  (Ted Scheffler) 


  1. Have to agree with you there Ted. We ourselves were at the Paris this weekend chowing down on those same excellent fries.

    My only critique would be I wish they were just a little bit skinnier.


  2. The Paris Bistro is one of the best restaurants in town. Besides having fabulous food, the service was what I'd expect at a $150/plate establishment. Don't even get me started on their wine list!

  3. I agree, Ted! My favorite little treat is to sit at the counter, eat the pommes frites and sip wine, as you did. Delish.


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