Thursday, October 2, 2008

Band On The Run: BOA Tour Diary Continues

Day 23. Stop Buzzin' My Harsh: A list of things you've missed.

1. No gas in Nashville, due to Hurricane Ike. The BOAs slept at The Basement: Jay, Trever, and Kirk in the parking lot on the pavement, the rest in the van.

2. Jamie almost got hit by a truck jay-running across the street to catch Robert Plant. Mr. Plant was startled and slipped into a shop, but to no avail. Jamie caught him & got his autograph: "Stay Alive, Robert Plant."

3. Band of Annuals attend U.N. Cocktail party at the Rayburn building in D.C. (snacks & booze? yes please)

4. That night we slept in an abandoned middle-school. In the morning we were kicked out by an angry old man, the blanket torn from a groggy Jimmie Timm (if you've ever seen Jamie in the morning...)

5. In NYC waiting at our friend Lauren's apt door, Trever and Brent were hit with an iPod charger! A crazy woman threw it from the second floor. She then came downstairs, we thought to let us in...but instead gave us a doubled handed flip-off yelling "Get the Fucking Point!!!"

6. Later that day she barged into Lauren's apartment, twice. We called the cops.

7. The van smelled more like death than usual. Charlie tracked down the smell: a little cooler filled with hotdogs we got in Nashville, ten days prior.

8. Brent and Trever rode bikes across Manhattan Bridge. Kirk (the merch dude) took off and popped his tire in Chinatown--took the subway and met us in Brooklyn.

9. 30th Street Guitars fixed Trever's bass & provided a box to ship the loaner bass back to Little Rock. (thanks guys!)

10. Jamie flushed a tiny harmonica down Lauren's toilet.

11. Don't take a trailer to NYC. Or D.C. for that matter.

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  1. What is the story with the crazy iPod-charger lady? Inquiring minds want to know!!!



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