Thursday, May 1, 2008

Doin' It for Herself

[Those Amazing Animals] I admit it--I drink milk. By the glassful.

I know the prospect of cow's milk as a beverage is distasteful to many adults. (Not to mention that it's probably unhealthy: What possible good can come of drinking a substance whose purpose is to transform a 100-pound newborn calf into a 1,200-pound heifer in two years?)

But what else are you going to drink with toast? Or chocolate-chip cookies? Orange juice is no substitute. I've been told soy milk, the second most important bean-based drink, comes with a learning curve. Nondairy creamer looks yummy, but believe me, one glass of Coffee-Mate is enough for a lifetime.

Why don't people like milk anymore? As a symbol, milk has many powerful and beneficent connotations: motherhood, generosity, wholesomeness--the milk of human kindness, for Goddess' sake!

Maybe the problem with milk is the strange ... well, liberties that humans must take with cows in order to extract it.

Well, problem solved.

(Brandon Burt)

Video courtesy Reuters

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  1. OOH!!! Titties!

    Although, I could do without the "utterly amazing" pun. *shudder* I think I wanna shoot their producer, and I don't mean with a camera.


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