Thursday, May 1, 2008

Book 'Em, Texas!

[FLDS Update] In addressing whether the 460-plus children taken from the Yearning for Zion FLDS ranch have been abused, is anyone considering their intellectual neglect?

Texas officials tell public school administrators the FLDS kids taken into custody nearly a month ago have had no exposure to children's books. All books, in fact, were reportedly removed from areas where the children were being held after the raid on the ranch.

This audio clip from NPR's All Things Considered last night addresses how Texas public school officials might cope with the flood of FLDS kids who will eventually enter the school system. The children have been home schooled and isolated from the outside world. Administrators don't know what accommodations they might need to make. They say they want to be culturally sensitive.

So, said one of the administrators, they will have to examine how and when to expose the kids to books.

I'd say any childhood that lacks exposure to this book, or this one, or this one is just plain neglectful.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. Dear Neighbors:

    Now we can get the joooooz. I know several jooooooz. They are all guilty. They even have some pregnant teenager daughters.

    Let's get all the joooooooz and take all their kids away. Those jooooooooz are weird, especially the orthodox. Weird books. Think different. Let's take all the kids away from all the jooooooz.



  2. Well, Anonymous clearly knows nothing about Godwin's Law, do they?

    Perhaps he needs some intellectual input as well. Ping the Duck just might do it.

  3. hey have you ever seen the kids' book: Everybody Poops"?


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