Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kill Your Television? Already done

[News] The erroneously-named Best Buy chain of electronics stores announced today that they will no longer sell old-fashioned analog televisions, in anticipation of the February 2009 switch to all-digital broadcasts and, really, just to fuck with grandparents who hate "those danged skinny" flat-screen TVs that the cat can't curl up on.

It's as simple as this: If your ancient TV isn't receiving its signal through a cable or satellite converter box (some of which are older than most current analog TVs, speaking from experience as a Comcast victim, uh, customer) come February 2009, it ain't going to work. Straight-cable and rabbit-ears folks, upgrade or miss out on future programming like America's Next Top Religion and Are You Smarter Than a Best Buy Employee? (both big hits in 2009, I'm predicting).

"We are committed to helping people understand the digital television transition, and exiting the analog video business is one way we can help avoid confusion," Best Buy's Mike Vitelli said. Meaning, he'll either sell you a new TV or sell you a converter box. What, you don't want to go back to reading, do you? (Bill Frost)


  1. Analog cable viewers aren't totally shut out. In September, the FCC required cable operators to continue providing analog access for local broadcast channels through 2012.

    Here's Engadget's take on the situation:

    Personally, I like the TV doubling as furniture when the tubes are encased in those massive wood cabinets. It reminds me of my grandparents.

  2. Why should I upgrade? Because the government & media companies told me to? BULL SHIT! I'd like to shovel it back to them with the same size shovel they're shoveling it my way.

    I like the visual media but not so much I want it in ultra-clear digital life-likeness. I'd rather not have a tv then to upgrade my 'new' (4 year old) set even after 2012.


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