Friday, October 12, 2007

The Big Not-So-Easy

[Film] On Oct. 26, the Broadway Centre Cinemas is scheduled to open Desert Bayou, a nationally-released documentary about African-American Hurricane Katrina refugees dealing with their unexpected relocation to Utah. One of the subjects might be wanting to polish up his résumé before then, just in case.

Clifford Andrews is described by director Alex Lemay in the “where are they now” finale of the film as a line cook at a local deli (which is not specifically identified). But the on-screen text also notes that Andrews has yet to receive treatment for the substance abuse problems the film shows him grappling with, and which ultimately led the rest of his family to leave him behind and return to Louisiana.

Are his current employers aware of these struggles? If not, how might they react upon seeing them on a local theater screen? And what is the filmmaker’s responsibility to those who open themselves to a story about trying to start over? (Scott Renshaw)

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