Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jesus & Joe

[Boobs in the News] Not that anyone who's interested in flashing tits will be watching Fox News' On the Record With Greta Van Susteren (if you are, keep it to yourself), but tonight you can catch part 2 (!) of her exclusive jailhouse interview with Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, the man with the divine power to coax women out of their tops on film. How does he do it? Why, he's just like Jesus, as per this life-in-the-big-house quote:

"They would walk me ... this is walking me to the shower, down the hall, and the inmates were mocking me on both sides, you know, and scream at me and ... they weren't in these conditions. And you know, I'd just be crying. I fell again, and they came and they picked me up. And it was the chaplain. He had been walking in the hallway. And he looks at me, the chaplain of the thing, and he says, Son, have you thought about Jesus Christ? And I'm crying, and I look at him and I go, Every day! Because this is what they did to him."

All you dudes who thought Francis was a god, looks like you were right! (Bill Frost)

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