Monday, October 8, 2007

Saturday Night, Special

[Music] One of last week's most-asked rock & roll questions was, "Is Mandy Moore really playing the Avalon Theater?" If memory serves, she last performed in Salt Lake City at The Center Formerly Known as Delta, back when teen-pop really meant something, man. This video from last Saturday night proves that, yes, Mandy is getting back to her roots (brunette, apparently) and playing smaller joints like the Avalon. In related news, Vanessa Carlton's booked at Kilby Court in November. Can an acoustic Nobrow set from Britney be that far off?

Also Saturday, X96's Big Ass Show was moved indoors to the Salt Palace due to rain, snow and all other winter conditions condensed into a 24-hour period. Looks like it still rocked, but why are the lights cranked up like it's an auto show? Bert and The Used bravely played on, squinting:

(Bill Frost)

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