Friday, October 26, 2007

Uh, Thanks?

[News-ish] The local Hannah Montana crisis has gotten so bad that KUTV 2's Bill Gephardt had to be called in to solve one West Jordan mother's dilemma: She bought tickets through Ticketmaster online using her boyfriend's credit card, but then the Ticketbastards wouldn't give them to her! One call from Bill, however, and the whole "misunderstanding" was resolved--not unlike an episode of Hannah Montana, if not the darker and more existential The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Now she has to, er, gets to take her 12-year-old daughter to a two-hour squeal-fest in that acoustical black hole known as EnergySolutions Arena. The boyfriend, presumably, got off easier.

Now, had this been lower-profile concert that a local news outfit had no desire of grabbing a little glory from, would they be so eager to "help"?

"Hello? Is this Gephardt? Dude, I was totally screwed out of my tickets to Slaughter! My old man is out of lockdown next weekend and we were gonna go but ... Are you there? Hello?" (Bill Frost)

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  1. LOVE this article- Bill Frost is awesome!! Energy Solutions center is quite the black hole.


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