Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Indie-Rock the Vote

[Politics] Looks like Ralph Becker has done his research regarding the next generation of voters. Instead of sticking to basic fund-raising dinners for rich liberals, he's going after an often overlooked portion of Salt Lake City's population: the indie rockers. On Saturday Oct. 27, Becker will appear at Kilby Court, hoping to endear fans of Menomena (see video) to his cause. It's not yet clear whether he plans to lose 30 lbs to fit into a pair of skinny jeans/cords. Be on the lookout for the odd man out. He could be the right man for mayor.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Sadly, that crowd/demographic never votes and never will. They are too disaffected and apathetic. Come on, they're emo kids for cryin' out loud.

  2. ouch! a little down on the youth, eh? how 'bout considering their not voting because the kilby crowd is mostly under 18...


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