Monday, October 15, 2007

Do Not Go Gently

[Attitude] Yay! After a bit of a hiatus, the SLPD has added City Weekly as a regular e-mail recipient again of its crime log. Just like a member of the grown-up media!

The just-released weekend log from Salt Lake's Finest includes predictable mayhem outside a couple of bars, a vehicular hit and run, and a home invasion by who else--a raging meth-head. I like the following report best of all:

1615 Robbery (that's 4:15 p.m. Sunday)
876 W. 800 S. (Pueblitos Joyeria)
Case number: 07-191583
"The victim was working at this store when the suspect, a male white adult in his 20s, 5’ tall and very thin, entered the store. The suspect sprayed the victim with lighter fluid, pulled out a lighter and threatened to light the victim on fire if he didn’t give him the jewelry. The victim picked up a large chair and threatened to beat the suspect. The suspect ran from the store and got into a blue Dodge van and fled the scene."

Let's hear it for the desk clerk who wouldn't let a little threat of massive third-degree burns take him down ... (Holly Mullen)

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