Monday, October 29, 2007

Bill Stumps for Hill, For Rill!

[Politics] On Sunday, Nov. 4, former president/playa Bill Clinton is coming to Salt Lake City to raise money for wife Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign, if not necessarily support--all of her Utah voters will probably be at the U of U Union Ballroom rally. Seriously, all of them.

Why Bill and not Hillary herself? "Scheduling conflicts." As in, she scheduled a visit someplace else, where she's not considered the Vajayjay Antichrist (term trademark pending).

Tickets are 50 bucks; Bill will of course be taking the resulting bag of money to a state where it can do some good, 'cause Utah ain't voting Democrat, especially not this one (see: Vajayjay).

If $50 isn't enough to make you feel good about your support for Hillary, Bill's doing an additional fundraiser in Park City with a $500 price tag ($2,300 for VIP treatment).

No? You're good? Then bring that fiddy to the U on Sunday at 3 p.m. (Bill Frost)

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  1. Whoever goes should make a point to ask Bill if they get a chance where he and Hil' stand on private military contractors and companies like Black Water. How exactly did it become legal for corporate America to create such large private mercenary armies?


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