Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Utah vs. Reality

[Local TV] Salt Lake City ABC affiliate ABC 4 has no problem (over) reporting Marie Osmond's progress on Dancing With the Stars--which airs tonight on, of course, ABC 4--but why aren't the other local TV news stations keeping us in-step with one of Utah's Own? You'd think KSL 5 would be all over this ... oh yeah, Dancing With the Stars isn't on NBC. They'll let you know when she's on The Singing Bee or The Biggest Loser.

Meanwhile, CBS affiliate KUTV 2 is conspicuously silent about Survivor: China contestant Todd Herzog, the Pleasant Grove playa who's kicking some ass and fast becoming a favorite to win America's favorite reality-TV competition that involves no karaoke. Usually, this would lead the newscasts ahead of war, weather and high school football. Is it because he's, I dunno, a gay Mormon? Or a flight attendant? Hell, even the Deseret Morning News at least mentioned Herzog last month before washing their hands furiously. What's the local media going to do if he ultimately takes the tiki torch? Go, Todd! (Bill Frost)


  1. You'd have to be as heavily medicated as Marie Osmond to actually watch her dance.

  2. I remember KUTV airing a story about that guy on or about the night the new season premiered. It talked about him being a flight attendant, Mormon, and gay.

    Why do you write a local TV column if you don't watch local TV?

    Is it because you're, I dunno, lazy?


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