Thursday, October 18, 2007

This Makes My Head Hurt

[Su Casa] I get a mountain of press releases every day. Urgent stuff, really earth-shattering stuff.

This one came just hours after The Salt Lake Tribune published a huge, front-page story on the dire picture for new home construction along the Wasatch Front. In short, don't even think of building a new home, people. Don't even think of selling what you're already living in, people. We're in a big, nasty hole for residential real estate. The whole country is. It won't turn around until at least the end of next year. Be happy in your current
casa, people.

This is no reason for pessimism, however, for the flack who represents J Ballard Homes in Utah County. Because J Ballard is skating free of this whole slump! J Ballard is happily building in Utah County, which apparently isn't even part of the Wasatch Front! (Or part of the rest of the world, for that matter.)

Here's the crux of the chirpy J Ballard news release:

J Ballard Homes Capitalizes on Housing Boom, not Bust

Recent news tells us we’re experiencing a new home construction bust along the Wasatch Front, but here’s why that’s good news for J Ballard Homes. They are the largest home builder company in Utah County. Utah County just happens to have one of the strongest markets in the state and Utah has the strongest market in the country. Experts also project a further explosion in population growth in the next coming years, especially in Utah County. Governor Jon Huntsman himself confirms Utah County, “could be ground zero of a boom that will change the valley forever”. ... And the Utah County Association of Realtors says, “Homes are still selling and we appear to be in a stable market at this point. The fundamentals for the future are still very strong”. So while it may not make sense to build new homes in the rest of the nation right now, or maybe even along the Wasatch Front, there is no shortage of people wanting a home in Utah County.

(Holly Mullen)

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