Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SLC 911

[Law & Disorder] From Tuesday's activity logs of the Salt Lake Police Department comes this report of what may be the least pleasant police call of the year.

"10:55 p.m. Disorderly/Taser deployment/Resisting: Arrested person … repeatedly exited his room at the Super 8 Motel totally naked and caused patrons and employees alike to call for his eviction from the motel. … Despite close contact Taser drive stuns, the A/P took on officers and employees in an all out fight to avoid being taken into custody.

"A call for help by the officers resulted in numerous officers responding. Despite another Taser being fired into the suspect from a distance and baton strikes it was several more minutes after officers arrived before several of them could wrestle the A/P into cuffs and leg restraints. Crack and paraphernalia were located in the room.”

In a seeming defense of officers’ need to call for backup to arrest the 44-year-old man, the report notes the arrestee “is described as very large and muscular and fought vigorously to resist arrest.”

Plus, he was naked. (Ted McDonough)

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