Monday, October 15, 2007

Come In Paul Rolly, Come In

[Media] Sometimes the self-loathing The Salt Lake Tribune suffers is laughable.

On today's front page, staff writer Rosemary Winters produced a fawning profile of Mike Winder, a cut-from-the-cloth, white Mormon businessman with the usual goal set of world domination by 30. At age 31, the West Valley City councilman is close. The dairy man and history buff has, ahem, given up on his childhood dream of being U.S. president, but maybe ... governor? Look out Utah!

Tribune columnist Paul Rolly, however, recently wrote a "gotcha" piece on Winder, who misused official West Valley City official e-mail to promote his LDS Church-published book among city employees.

But did Winters, and by extension the
Tribune, give Paul any credit in today's story? Nah. Why, that would be self-promotion -- and that is verboten, at least in the stodgy old daily newspaper's sacred style. Why would you want to pat one of your own writers on the back for breaking a sweet little piece of political/cultural gossip?

Here is how Winters wrote her way around the painful exercise of giving credit to an unnamed colleague for his nice little scoop:

But Winder fessed up to the "mistake" when called by a Salt Lake Tribune columnist, who chalked up the error to "youthful exuberance."

Well, I still love you Paul and I would have given you full credit. (Holly Mullen)

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