Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best Bar Name Ever

[Halloween] Salt Lake City isn't prone to clever nightclub names (think hard ... nothing's coming, right?), but boring ol' Phoenix suburb Tempe may have the best ever: a Halloween-themed bar called Drunkenstein's!

Key word being may: The owner—who says the joint will be a restaurant, Halloween bar, Irish coffee house and music/arts venue featuring "ear-piercing death metal solos"—told the Tempe City Council that the name of his club would be The Haunted House, and then brilliantly blogged that the council probably wouldn't approve of the real name he planned on using. They didn't ... after they read the blog.

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses will have the final say on the Drunkenstein's handle, at which time I'll decide whether or not to move forward with my own nightclub in SLC: The FuBar. Oh, it's already a gay bar in Los Angeles? How about Shithammer's? (Bill Frost)

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