Friday, October 12, 2007

Julie, the '80s called--they want their hair back

[Fashion Sn!pe] I understand that Julie Beck feels a lot of pressure to be a perfect homemaker--remember, she's going to be Mother Nature in the next life, and if you think it's tough to keep the freezer organized, think what it must be to manage all the arctic wildlife on a planet--but why can't she do something about that awful bi-level hairstyle? It looks like the Flowbee slipped. (Brandon Burt)

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  1. Guilt does strange things to people, doesn't it. We feel guilty and we immediately go on the attack--even about someones hairstyle? Give me a break. Let's focus on the call to action to try to be a little better at what we're doing. We can all improve all of the time. No superstar on the basketball court ever got to the NBA without having a coach say, "Hey, you need to put more power in your jumpshot." I don't have any problem with a call to step it up a notch. Our focus as a whole seems to be so much on "getting by with what is easy" rather than doing what is hard and what is right.


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