Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

[Vouchers] Remember how pro-school voucher advocates were threatening legal action against public school employees for any activity in opposition to vouchers on school time? I'm guessing they wouldn't see the irony in the materials sent home with some private school students last month.

In a special packet dated Sept. 12 and signed by Elisa Clements of Parents for Choice in Education, parents of these private school students--presumed, naturally, to be on the side of vouchers--were given step-by-step help on how to be a "voucher advocate," including statistics and answers to anti-voucher "myths."

Those who suggest private schools will be just as accountable to the state as public schools would certainly agree that if Prop. 1 passes, your private school student's backpack will be blessedly free of all such political material. (Scott Renshaw)

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