Monday, October 29, 2007

Upstairs (Hic), Downstairs

[Downtown] Rumors are swirling that The Tavernacle will be leasing the space just downstairs from City Weekly's offices--the space which, for a few weeks, has been being gutted. The rumor is that it will be a restaurant and the best thing about it is that the restaurant will have a liquor license.

Not only will this help enliven one of the only remaining interesting blocks on downtown Main Street, but will make our Friday afternoon tippling so much more convenient.

Perhaps we could even get Tavernacle bartenders to name cocktails after the paper. Here are some ideas to get them started:

The City Weekly
4 oz. PatrĂ³n
dash soda
Serve tequila neat; use soda to blot any resulting stains on CW's nice, clean carpet.

The Private Eye
1 bottle VO
1 bottle NyQuil
Administer NyQuil and/or VO as desired. Write column. Repeat weekly.
(Brandon Burt)

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  1. Wahoo! I love rumors of this nature. It would be s-o-o-o great to actually have a watering hole that catered to grizzled old news hounds like back in the day. Just like "The Front Page." Cross your fingers!


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