Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cut In Line: Concert Picks

[Music] Due to space restrictions, time restrictions and basic aw-shucks oversights, there always seems to be at least one great band that doesn't make the cut for our weekly concert picks. Looking at the weeks ahead I can already tell which ones will be sidelined to make room for others. It's not always about how much better one group is than another. Sometimes I choose to highlight an unknown over the current Big Thing, or a hip-hop act to round out the indie rockers at Urban. From now on, I'm going to try and post the overflow right here. Starting ... now!

Stop! Collaborate and listen. Vanilla Ice is back with, well, probably not a brand new invention but a break from the norm nonetheless. If you want to relive middle-school dances, are in the mood for a good laugh or genuinely like the Ice, come to Teazers (336 36th Street, Ogden) on Saturday, Oct. 27. Here's Ice defending his white-boy skillz against the steely-eyed Arsenio Hall:

And on Halloween (actual Halloween), myriad options await the brave ghouls and goblins who either don't have to work early on Thursday or love the holiday soooo much they're willing to brave potential hangovers and sleep deprivation to wear that slutty nurse/cowboy/cop/mustard costume one more time! Key picks:

* Salt City Derby Girls host the Rocky Horror Show at Club Vegas.
* Vile Blue Shades and The Wolfs play the Urban Lounge ... again.
* Little Brother and Evidence from the once-underground hip-hop group Dilated Peoples take the stage at The Hotel. This is perhaps the scariest option for unwitting music fans who've never made it past the Socko van perpetually parked out front.

And finally, we've written about them to death so all-female AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles probably won't be appearing in the Nov. 1 Music Picks but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hitch up your kilt and salute those about to rock at Bar Deluxe Nov. 2-3.

Ditto for psychobilly Danes the Horrorpops appearing at Great Saltair with the great Danzig (watch for a forthcoming interview it leader Glenn Danzig in CW's Nov. 1 issue). Here's some HP:

Stay tuned for more cut choices.

(Jamie Gadette)


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