Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super States

[Thursday Quiz] Each answer is the name of a state that participated in the Feb. 5 Super Tuesday primaries.
  1. The sale of dildos was outlawed here in April 1998. [Answer]
  2. Old Spice says this state’s capital is the sweatiest city in the nation. [Answer]
  3. Atomic bombs turned this state’s sand to glass. [Answer]
  4. Home of Cartman and Kenny. [Answer]
  5. Home of a newspaper which, despite a confusing series of Murdoch-based ownership changes during the 1990s, is the longest-publishing daily in the U.S. [Answer]
  6. Dorothy didn’t think we were there anymore. [Answer]
  7. Where Martha Stewart says she’s from. [Answer]
  8. Where Martha Stewart’s really from. [Answer]
  9. Has the annoying habit of calling itself “The First State.” [Answer]
  10. Home of Suzanne Sugarbaker. [Answer]
  11. Home to a lot of gay men who, for some reason, are willing to admit they've had sex with a creepy Republican U.S. senator. [Answer]
  12. Its biggest city is little. [Answer]
  13. In 1784, eight territorial counties tried—and failed—to form their own state named “Franklin.” Today, they belong to this U.S. state. [Answer]
  14. Its largest city is the fifth most-populous city in the nation—so, naturally, it’s “The Second City.” [Answer]
  15. This state is known for having an abundance of single men. [Answer]
  16. Mitt Romney pulled the wool over this state’s eyes in 2002: [Answer]
  17. People often say that, if this state were a country, it would have the “10th-largest,” “sixth-largest” or “somethingth-largest” economy in the world. [Answer]
  18. This state has more lakes than it will admit to. [Answer]
  19. Mormon prophet Joseph Smith said “Adam-ondi-Ahman” (the Garden of Eden) was located in the western part of this state. [Answer]
  20. Home of pulp-Western author Louis L’Amour, singer Peggy Lee, bandleader Lawrence Welk and irritating onetime Republican House majority leader Dick Armey. [Answer]
  21. This state refused to issue birth certificates for children of gay parents until it got slapped by an appeals court in 2007. [Answer]
  22. John Saltas can tell you that this state’s official cooking vessel is the Dutch oven. [Answer]
(Brandon Burt)


  1. Maybe I missed something, but did they move my statehouse to Chicago from Springfield, Illinois?

  2. Mea culpa! You're absolutely correct. I meant to say "largest city," right?

    Thanks for the correction; I'll fix it right now.

    (Brandon Burt)


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