Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt, Out!

[Election 2008] This just in: Mitt Romney has "suspended" his presidential campaign. After his Super Tuesday ass-pounding this week, he apparently feels that carrying on will make a Democratic win in November, say, 90 percent likely instead of the current 85 percent. Or maybe he read this Salt Lake Tribune headline instead of this one in the Deseret Morning News.

No word on how this affects City Weekly's Deep End column for the remainder of the year. (Bill Frost)

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  1. This was foreseen from the beginning to all but those that reside behind the Zion Curtain.

    Now, if McCain could just do us all a favor and have that fatal heart attack, and if Huckabee could simply be lost at sea, or better yet, eaten by lions, we'd be left with Ron Paul, who happens to be a Republican (a real Republican) I could live with, just incase Obama loses. That last part left a nasty taste in my mouth.


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