Thursday, February 7, 2008

Color Mitt Lizard-like

[Political Morning After] In the few hours since Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race, a seasoned politician I know recounted to me a conversation he had a year ago with Don Stirling, one of Romney's early campaign consultants.

Stirling was ticking off a list to this politician of tactics the Romney camp planned on using to make over Romney's image as moderate Massachusetts governor to stalwart conservative intent on winning the presidency.

Stirling mentioned how the team would help Romney redo his positions on some of this country's biggest hot-button moral issues, namely, abortion, stem cell research and gay rights.

The politician tells me he advised Stirling it would not work. Particularly on the matter of abortion. Romney had taken a pro-choice position in his campaign for governor and while in office; suddenly and
voila!, after his announcement to run for president, he was solidly pro-life.

"There is never a way to change a position on abortion and come out ahead in a race," the politician says he told Stirling. "Once you make a public statement on your position, that's it. If you change your mind, the people who first supported you will not forgive you. And the people you're trying to win over will never fully trust you."

So, as I'm listening today and scrambling around for online posts about what exactly happened to the Romney juggernaut, those words make a heap o' sense. Romney fans are blaming Mike Huckabee for undermining Romney with his cheap shots toward Mormonism. Here in Utah, especially, Romney supporters would like to paint the end as the result of--what else--persecution against Mormons.

It it were only that simple. The fact is, Romney never was working from a firm philosophical foundation, and he couldn't build a whole political platform on ethical sand. We are suckers in America, and we fall for glitz and show and yep, lies. But this time, most Americans saw Romney as the unabashed political chameleon he is. They wanted none of it. (Holly Mullen)


  1. 3.2 For EVERYBODY!February 7, 2008 at 2:59 PM

    The wind is blowing strong across Utah today. A winter storm perhaps? No- rather it is the non-mormons that enjoy living in the Beehive state exhaling loudly. Utah is a great place to live in spite of the holier than thou attitude of certain people. Might it have been a little TOO unbearable if the president of the USA was of unmentioned faith? I am afraid so. Hence we all breathe freely and exclaim 'four more years!'

  2. Most Americans, yes, just not here in Utah.

    That never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Perhaps Romney might have done better if he bore a stronger resemblance to Sam Eagle than Guy Smiley.


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