Monday, February 18, 2008

Word of the Day ...

[Vocabulary] Why, I do believe what you've got hold of there, Mr. Shurtleff, is a "pizzle."

I don't know how that word popped to mind when Holly told me about the AG's novelty walking stick--I've surely never had cause to use it. Must have read it somewhere and, randomly, it stuck.

Interestingly, the original pizzles were used as flogging devices. I have the idea from somewhere that they were thought to have brought some form of good luck, as well, but I suppose that would depend on how much you enjoyed flogging.

One Website doesn't come right out and say how they're made, but delicately points out, "They can't be made from cows." Obviously to anybody who has ever seen a bull (they're impressive, but able to walk without tripping), tanners stretch these things out somewhat during the curing process. Today, they're used as chew toys, putters, and, in reinforced form, walking sticks.

So it must be true what those thrifty beef renderers say: "We use everything but the moo." (Brandon Burt)

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