Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a neologist!

[Random good news] I was notified over the weekend that I won the Addictionary "Writer's Block" contest to create the best new word pertaining to the (thankfully now over) WGA strike.

My winning word was "describification." I get a T-shirt and a goody bag. I'm so proud! They like me; they really like me!
An excerpt from the press release follows. (Brandon Burt)

1. describification (n) – The removal of creative writers from the entertainment industry's talent pool, creating a marketplace void and subsequent explosion of brainless reality programming.

The winning werd, describification, was submitted by Brandon Burt, a copy editor at the City Weekly, an independent guide to news, arts and entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah. Burt wins “The “I survived the 2007 Writers’ Strike” prize package and a t-shirt featuring his werd.

“Woohoo!” exclaimed Burt, when he learned of his big W. “I entered the Writer’s Block Contest on a whim. Now I’m glad I did!”


  1. Woo Hoo for you!!! I think you should also win an award for being so damn FABULOUS!!!

  2. That's killer Brandon. Congrats!


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