Friday, February 29, 2008

Castner and The Senate Site

[New Landings] Am I the last media wonk to know about this?

Michael Castner, who was unceremoniously dumped last fall as host of KSL Radio's
Nightside Project, has been working for the Utah Senate. (I'm really late to this discovery; the Lege wraps up in three more days.)

Back in the day, Castner hosted
Nightside with verve and a certain savoir faire. The show hasn't been the same since KSL bosses lost their shit over Castner's too-honest delivery and canned him.

Anyway, he's putting some clever posts on the
Utah Senate blog. Including some soft bites to the hand that feeds him. Which is nice, since the senators' blog has typically read more like the Valley View 3rd Ward newsletter. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Holly!!!!!

    Are you serious? You didn't know about Michael's stint at the Capitol as the "Communications Guru" for the Senate?

    You should check out Michael's website a little more frequently. ;-p

  2. I should add this to my post:

  3. YES!!! I finally achieved Valley View 3rd Ward status!

    Next step: Mao's Little Red Book status.



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