Friday, February 29, 2008

Nazi by Nature

[Theater] According to publicists for Park City's Egyptian Theatre Company, the current production of Cabaret has apparently served a valuable Knucklehead Identification function.

Reportedly, a woman in Park City was disturbed by promotional materials displayed at the Main Street theater for the well-known musical--because they feature the swastika. Those unfamiliar with Cabaret should be aware that the play is set in Weimar-era Germany, just as the Nazi Party is coming to power while many of the characters attempt to pretend that it has no impact on their freewheeling lives; the play is hardly Springtime for Hitler. Park City police were brought into the dispute when the theater refused to remove the "offending" materials, but took no action.

I'm not quite sure how to top the basic facts. What other examples of gross artistic-point-missing would compare? And over and above that, what has contributed to the mass infantilization of Americans that we insist anything that might possibly ruffle feathers must be hidden from view? You do not have a Constitutionally-protected right not to be offended. (Scott Renshaw)


  1. Well, try the whole "Brokeback Mountain" firestorm here in Zion when Larry H. Miller melted down about gay cowboys doing it on one of his movie screens. Pure nuttiness.

  2. Wasnt there a furor (or 'führer,' if I may be punny and stick to the Nazi theme) a few years ago when people complained about UVSC's "The Vagina Monologues" and asked that the name be changed?

    Despite the fact that this would have, oh I dont know, defeated the very purpose of "The Vagina Monologues" even existing?


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