Monday, February 4, 2008

Amanda, Gimme Something More

[Soundtracks] I heard this little riff between jocular KSL radio show hosts Amanda Dickson and Grant Nielsen, at 6:28 a.m.:

Amanda: We saw a weird movie over the weekend.
Grant: Whadja see?
Amanda: There Will Be Blood.
Grant: Oh, that film has gotten something like eight Oscar nominations.
Amanda: It had this strange music behind it, sort of like The Shining. A weird movie. Weird.
Grant: Would you recommend it?
Amanda: I don't think so. It was really weird.

But don't take Amanda's word for it. Like most great films, Blood relies on deep integration with the soundtrack to make its artistic point. Actually, the music is one of the finest features of the film. The composition brains behind the soundtrack (which is, like the musical scores of all of director Paul Thomas Anderson's films, haunting and searingly memorable long after you leave the theater) is Radiohead's guitarist Jonny Greenwood. He explains his thoughts a little more completely than Amanda does, here, in a dual interview with Anderson.

And here, an added bonus: A big-ass interview with brilliant actor-hottie Daniel Day-Lewis. And here, another interview with supporting actor Paul Dano.

I do this in the interest of offering a bit more to go on than simply "weird." And that is Greenwood, left, in the above photo. Anderson is on the right. (Holly Mullen)

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