Thursday, February 21, 2008

Viva the Guv!

[Immigration] KCPW Radio is reporting today that Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. vows to veto the package of harsh anti-immigration bills that are fast-tracking through the state Legislature--including denying in-state college tuition for children of illegal immigrants and revoking driver privilege cards for the undocumented.

Huntsman spoke out at his monthly KUED news conference.

You go, Guv. Finally, after three years in office and after waiting for Huntsman to stand up and wield his political muscle (the man has statewide approval ratings of better than 75 percent) he has picked a big, worthy battle with the mean-spirited bunch on the Hill. It's going to be bruising fight. Can't wait.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. great, this will ruin all the love Buttars has built up for our great state.

  2. Thank you, Huntsman! I was worried there for a minute, thinking that the hill was entirely infested with small-minded shitbags.

  3. Though it is hilariously fun to give mad, undirected, un-thought out shit to "The Hill," keep in mind there are those who vote against these bills in the first place.

  4. Hey Sab - Get yer head out yer ass, dummy. Read the post again, and if you find that you actually comprehend what I've said, then feel free to comment. Mad? Undirected? What??

  5. Harsh Anti-Immigration laws? what planet are you thinking this might just be? Any person in the sound mind would support tight Anti-Illegal immigration laws!
    Here we go again, thinking that just because someone who supports the rule of law is a wacko! maybe the Gov. needs a wake up call to what his state will turn into if he fails to head the warnings of what illegal immigration brings with it! Just look at what California has become to get a picture of how things go to hell when you let left wing wack jobs run the state!

    Please Utah, wake up and smell what is happening to your fine state, support "Legal" immigration, don't support "Illegal" immigration, we must not pick and choose which laws we want to obide by, we obey all of them. This is still America, even though it might look like a 3rd world country in some states, and maybe soon in Utah also.

    I understand your symp card there, but don't let the pro illegal immigration wack jobs make it all about "race" it is not, it is about what is happening to this country, and your kids and grandkids will take the blunt of it in 20 years if you don't stand up and do the right thing.

    I know many people from Utah, and they are reallllly pissed off at how the state views illegal immigration, and they are taking action to get people informed.

    A nation without borders is not a nation I want to live in, if Utah wants open borders, then just merge with California!



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