Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Alternative Reality

[SLC Media] The last time City Weekly's Bill Frost blogged about the local mainstream media's occasional practice of lifting stories from CW with nary a hint of attribution to the original source or an attempt to write their articles a bit differently, a poster gave him a raft of shit for being thin-skinned.

Well, critics, bring it on.

Today, as I scanned my morning
Salt Lake Tribune, I found two stories that CW published last week and the week before that. First, CW political columnist Katharine Biele was the first local journalist to dig up the parallels between Oklahoma's ultra-punitive immigration legislation, which Utah legislators have scrambled this year to copy. Biele pointed out that one conservative Oklahoma state legislator this year has had serious reservations about the 2007 law, and is sponsoring a series of repeals of the harshest provisions. The same source, in the same story, showed up today in the Tribune. Two weeks after CW published it.

CW staff writer Ted McDonough five days ago blogged here noting how Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker had changed his position on a bill he originally fully supported with state Senate sponsor Chris Buttars to seal discipline records of police officers from the public. Today, the same story showed up in the Tribune.

Do we protest too much? Maybe. We're the little guy in town. We're not always first againt those big, bruising dailies, but when we are we might just tell you. Hey. If we don't promote our work, then who will? (Holly Mullen)


  1. As long as you're horn blowing, put some lips around bill frost and blow that horn hard.

    The culture vulture Dan Nailen wrote in the Tribune Today (2/19) about the local youtuber Deena Marie Manzanares one week after Bill Frost posted her story on the Salt Blog 2/11.

    Toot. Toot.

    Wait, oh. And John Saltas used the word "the" in his column and today the Tribune uses this "the" word a lot! Plagiarists. Let's burn their presses!

  2. Sorry oh brave Mr./Ms. Anonymous, but you stand corrected:

    The Culture Vulture of the SL Tribune is Brandon Griggs. Has been for oh, about two years now. Dan Nailen is now a music/culture writer for Salt Lake Magazine. Has been for oh, about six months now.

    That's ok. Still love you even though you're too timid to post under your name.

    (Holly Mullen)

  3. Speaking of "posting under your name", Holly:

    I was pleased to see that this week, the editorial appearing under MULLEN was actually written by *gasp* Holly Mullen.

    I mean, I like slacking as much as the next guy -- probably moreso -- but I was beginning to wonder when you would stop pawning off your work on Ted McDonough and Danny Quintana.

    Welcome back.


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