Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Buttars-Huckabee Connection

[Cultural Hypocrisy] In the current issue of City Weekly, I interviewed Rob Miller, vice chairman of the State Democratic Committee and active blogger, about any party effort to oust embattled state Sen. Chris Buttars this November with a Democrat.

His answers are here.

But I had to leave a few tidbits on the cutting room floor.

Miller, for instance, found a fascinating parallel between Buttars' repeated racial slurs and another recent, well-publicized comment that millions of Mormons found deeply offensive.

Said Miller: "People in Utah blew up when Mike Huckabee made his remark that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers. But somehow, to a lot of people in this state, Chris Buttars can say whatever comes to his mind [about minority groups] and it's OK. There's a real hypocrisy there." (Holly Mullen)


  1. numbnuts feels sorry for satan. numbnuts thinks that christians are hypocrites for not taking pity on the man/angel? that needs it the most. when numbnuts was a mormon child, numbnuts was taught that satan and jesus were brothers in heaven. numbnuts wonders why mormons can't make up their minds about their religion. numbnuts thinks that buttars should be turning back into a pumpkin any day now. his head has already.

  2. How about the Ralph Nader-Rocky Anderson connection?

    When Nader announces his Vice-Presidential candidate today at noon, that connection may be closer than most folks realize.

    And Utahns will be in for another round of 2008 presidential-native-son fun!


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