Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quake-Up Call

[Fault Watch] It's been nearly 20 years since I spent a few seemed-like-enternity anxious moments crouched under a pool table while the Loma Prieta earthquake pummelled the San Francisco Bay Area in October 1989. I know from the Big Ones, and I knew that when I felt that gentle ocean sway this morning, it was not time to panic.

But it's sometimes wise for us to be reminded that we are in fault country. Complain about the snow if you will -- I know I have -- but at least we know when it's coming. Maybe it's my own post-traumatic-stress experience talking, but the anxiety levels rise more when contemplating the earth rockin' and rollin'. What potential Nature Gone Wild prospect freaks you out most? Climate change-induced drought? Earthquake? Blizzard? Locusts? No, wait, we've got the seagulls to take care of those ... (Scott Renshaw)


  1. numbnuts is afraid of surviving a viral zombie epidemic. but maybe numbnuts already has. numbnuts knows lots of corporate zombies. numbnuts is also afraid of running out of beer.

  2. Earthquakes must be the worst. Unpredictable.

    However, I once cowered in our Minnesota basement with my 3-year-old as a tornado bounced along both sides of the nearby Mississippi River and the sirens were blaring. We stayed there long after the danger had passed--it was my first twister and I had no idea how long it would last.My little girl had to pee, and I made her go in the utility sink, which she thought was way cool. She told everyone later that night about hiding in the basement from the "big tomato."

    Lots of property damage in the neighborhood, but fortunately, no serious injuries.

    So, um, I'd say tornadoes are pretty frightening.


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