Friday, February 8, 2008

Mitt's Red Badge of Running Scared

[Election 2008] When some young men were serving and dying in Vietnam, many others avoided the war aided by college, medical, conscientious or religious deferments. During the height of the Vietnam War, Willard "Mitt" Romney served an LDS Mission. Not dishonest nor without its own honor. Service to country comes in many colors and those colors are ambiguous.

When recently asked why his own military aged sons are not currently serving in the Iraq war he ardently supports, Mitt said his sons were serving the country by helping him get elected president. True story. Service is tough work and somebody else's son has to do the bleeding for the sons back home who who are busy conducting push polls.

When Mitt quit the Republican race for president, he said he was doing so because "we are at war" and explained that by running away from the race he was providing a good service to our country because now the Democrats have less chance of winning in November. Service is disingenuous.

So is Mitt--who has been running from fights and teaching others to do the same for four decades now. No wonder the Chicken Hawks of the far right came to adore him so. (John Saltas)

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  1. So now that Mitt's sons don't have to help him get elected, and since we are at war and Mitt Romney doesn't want the terrorists to win... will his sons be enlisting?


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