Monday, February 25, 2008

He's Got a Friend[s]

[Buttars Watch] As of this moment, some 312 supporters have signed an online petition backing celebrity beleaguered state senator, Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan.

Most of the names don't register in
Salt Blog's sharp-as-a-trap mind. We're assuming most are neighbors, church members and a few constituents like petition signer #34, who's identified as Wendell Gibby, MD. Gibby has been on the sweet receiving end of Buttars' land use and eminent domain law largese. He also writes a mean Buttars defense, quoting on the petition from a favorite LDS hymn (that's Official Hymn #235 for those following at home).

Buttars made nice with one faction of Utah's black population (as if there were only one!) on Sunday by visiting Salt Lake City's Calvary Baptist Church and seeking the congregation's forgiveness for his "ugly black baby" slur earlier in the month.

And while many of his friends on the pro-Buttars petition stress they know only a man who hasn't "a racist bone in his body," they might want to check the vita of petition signer #36. That would be Eli Cawley, the new director of the vehemently anti-immigration Utah Minuteman Project. Now that's a friend.

And for those who cannot resist channeling their opposing political rage online, go here to sign an anti-Buttars petition. (Holly Mullen)


  1. 312? The link you gave only has 153 signatures...


  2. Correction: You're right, Bob. I miscounted. There are 155 signatures on the pro-Buttars petition as of this writing. My mistake. (Holly Mullen, City Weekly)

  3. You also forgot to mention that about half of the names are fake. The anti-buttars petition, which has more than 400 signatures, also has been hit with fake or "message" signatures.

  4. The anti-Buttars petition is something I support in spirit, but it could use some proofreading.

  5. Everything's better with Buttars!

    At the moment, signatories include:

    #119 Jodi Johnson
    #127 Johnny Boy (who helpfully added "Senator Buttars isn't a racist, he used to bone us all up the ass and it didn't matter what color we were")
    #128 John Belushi
    #130 Mike Huckabee
    #138 F. Ted Nugent ("I give 'em cat scratch fever.")
    #143 Destiny's Child ("Say my name")
    #155 John Lennon
    #157 Tyler Durden

    I'm not going to list any more; let them clean up their own petition. I would like to point out, though, that an obscure reference is less likely to get redlined.

    On the other hand, The "David L. Roth" (#125) strategy is a good one. First-name-middle-initial-last-name is so plausible in Utah. And what about constructions like "J. Lee Curtis" and "M. Tyler Moore"? (BB)

  6. Those of you who are interested could become a friend of Get Rid of Chris Buttars on Myspace. Here is the link.

  7. Romney Watch!


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