Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Really, Don't You Know Who I Am?

[Media] Heard the one about the well-known Salt Lake City TV news reporter who had a guy 86ed and banned from a local coffee shop because he made said java-sipping reporter "uncomfortable"? We sorta did, so why not post it on the ol' Salt Blog? Any wild guesses about identity (of reporter or coffee shop), feel free to post 'em in a comment.

There's plenty of dickheads I'd like to have ejected from places I frequent, but I don't think I have the celebrity cachet to get it done. Maybe I need to start hanging out with TV people--they get all the perks. Anybody from KUTV 2 across Main Street (I know you read this) want to meet downstairs and knock back a few at Keys on Main? You're buying ... (Bill Frost)


  1. Hmm ... sounds like a Vanocur star-fit to me. Am I right?

  2. Please tell me it was Marcos Ortiz, because I love the mental image of a 70-year-old man with a jet black, Just for Men mustache hefting around his celebrity.

  3. I've been privvy to a scathing "Don't you know who I am?!" from Dan Pope. But I recently dicovered he isn't even related to the Pope. Hmh. Go figure.


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